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P08 – LIGHT2

Lunar Navigation Helmet

“IGLUNA is an amazing learning experience for each student involved. Being able to work among distinguished experts and ambitious teams will enrich everyone’s set of capabilities and general knowledge while working on something as interesting as a lunar mission.”


LIGHT2 aims at designing a gadget based on Augmented Reality technology for astronauts’ navigation and assistance on lunar exploration missions. Using the Microsoft Hololens glasses, LIGHT2 will be able to be an AR assistant, constantly projecting on the glasses information needed by the astronaut, such as route navigation, task assistance, lunar weather conditions, while also keeping track of their health state and vital signs.

In order to accomplish the above, LIGHT2 will be also manufacturing a weather station, which will be transmitting data to the Hololens glasses, so that the astronaut can avoid dangerous areas.

LIGHT2 is the continuation and enhancement of the LIGHT concept developped in IGLUNA 2020.

Navigation with Augmented Reality

Weather box

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