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Research & Education

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eSpace is part of the EPFL Space Center dedicated to the two core areas of education and research at EPFL,

bringing together students, professors, researchers, engineers, industries, and international space agencies.

eSpace in a nutshell

eSpace supports EPFL’s space-affiliated professors and students, coordinates the Minor in Space Technologies, and provides guidance and support to the EPFL Student Teams:

  • EPFL Rocket Team
  • EPFL Spacecraft Team
  • Xplore
  • Space Situational Awareness
  • Asclepios

eSpace also contributes to the EPFL New Space Economy MOOC.

eSpace pushes space related projects by supporting researchers in funding, information and contact to the space community. eSpace boasts a team of experts and benefits from close collaborations with research laboratories and institutes at EPFL. In many cases, the research and development activities performed are carried out directly within these entities, with support or coordination from eSpace. The unit supports a number of space-related research projects with a focus on sustainability, such as the Space Sustainability Rating. Other topics are engineering for space science, space technologies such as robotics, quantum for space, earth observation, lunar mobility, space situational awareness.

Visit eSpace’s website for more information.