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your experts.

  • Jean-Paul Kneib
    Jean-Paul Kneib Head of Space Innovation

    Full Professor, Laboratory of Astrophysics

  • Martine Harmel
    Martine Harmel Operations Coordinator

    Networking of members, administration and secretariat to Prof. Claude Nicollier.

  • Gilles Feusier
    Gilles Feusier Science and Technology

    Science and Technology, security, education and support

  • Volker Gass
    Volker Gass Initiatives Stratégiques

    Directeur, Initiatives Stratégiques – VPI

  • Yannick Delessert
    Yannick Delessert Technician, Outreach and Safety

    Infrastructures & facilities management, space educational outreach, IT support, safety, virtual events streaming, communication

  • Gabriel Laupré
    Gabriel Laupré Project manager

    Responsible for the Space Campus