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By helping us with financial support, access to infrastructure, material or services, be part of the adventure and benefit from various advantages!

  • Access our network of partners and experts
  • Get to know the next generation of space experts and attract the new talents
  • Discover cutting-edge technologies for Earth and Space
  • Increase your visibility thanks to our international and diverse public outreach
  • Benefit from our identity as an ESA_Lab@ and established platfrom

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our sponsors

The Verkehrshaus – Swiss Museum of Transport provides us with a dedicated area in their Air&Space exhibition to set our operations center during the Field Campaign and present the projects to the visitors. IGLUNA also has its dedicated corner in the permanent exhibition.

Pilatus Bahnen AG will enable us to use the Mount Pilatus as our test bed for the projects. It will give us access to their premises and set at our disposal a large space to install, demonstrate and test the IGLUNA projects.

Rhein-Tec is a company specialized in facilities for extreme environments. Its team will prepare and install a control room at the Verkehrshaus from which the student teams will operate their experiments located on the Mount Pilatus.

The Hochschule Luzern – Lucerne University of Applied Sciences is fully in charge of the preparation and installation of the remote operations. Throughout the year, HSLU experts help the student teams in adapting their project to be remotely controlled.

The Lucerne Tourism Office will support the international students experience a unique stay in Lucerne and bring back home unforgettable memories from Switzerland.

The Swiss Youth Hostels network has welcomed the teams and coaches in Zermatt for the IGLUNA 2019 Field Campaign and will offer us again attractive opportunities for the 2021 Field Campaign in Lucerne.

Indiazelt is supporting IGLUNA by providing us with a tent on top of Mt. Pilatus in order to provide the suitable environment for lunar greenhouse experiments and as base for terrain-mapping.

Several of our guests will be able to stay in Lucerne during the Field Campaign at attractive prices thanks to the support of Holiday Inn Express.

The students and the Space Innovation team will benefit from high-quality branded t-shirts during the Field Campaign thanks to the support of Textil-Point.

Switzerland Tourism is offering IGLUNA students souvenirs to take home with them.

our partner universities

project teams

our board of experts

  • The IGLUNA initiative in a interesting exchange platform for young engineers and scientists. Its allow to study, trade-off and develop some concrete cases of life support, which most probably will become issues in the future.

    Christophe Lasseur
    Christophe Lasseur ESA / MELiSSA Foundation
  • It is a real pleasure being asked to act as a member of the expert board for team P09 and to contribute with my insights on prototyping and testing. As the Prototyping Troll at CERN IdeaSquare I will also have the great pleasure of meeting all the teams during the IGLUNA Mid-Term Review at CERN IdeaSquare.

    Hans Hagenes Boe
    Hans Hagenes Boe CERN
  • What is great with IGULNA is that students from all over the world participate in a common and interdisciplinary project. By their creativity, technical skills and capacity to think out of the box, they re-invent and develop what could be a sustainable life in a space habitat.

    Maude Marechal
    Maude Marechal ESA
  • I think that IGLUNA is a great project for students to get an idea on what really would be to run their experiments on another planet: tight time constraints, in a cave with no sunlight, below meters of ice, freezing cold... probably on Mars would be easier!

    Marco Volponi
    Marco Volponi ESA / MELiSSA Foundation
  • The IGLUNA is an exciting opportunity for students interested in space exploration. In this truly international, interdisciplinary, and collaborative project, the participants can present and test their solutions to some of the real challenges of the space missions.

    Klara Anna Capova
    Klara Anna Capova ESA

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