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Swiss Space Office

Switzerland does not have its own national space agency. The Swiss Space Office is the SERI division responsible for space matters.

Space eXchange Switzerland

A new national platform for the promotion of space in Switzerland from the Swiss Space Office (SSO).

ESA Business Incubation Centre Switzerland

Offers an extensive support to entrepreneurs in order to develop their business in space or on earth.


Maximizes the positive impact of space technologies by linking New Space startups to new markets in line with the UN SDGs worldwide. Space4Impact believes Space can do more for Earth.

International Space Science Institute

Contributes to the achievement of a deeper understanding of the results from different space missions, ground based observations and laboratory experiments.

Swiss Space Industries Group

The members of the Swiss Space Industries Group (SSIG) are well-known as competitive and reliable partners in the international space sector.


Your Swiss guide to European research and innovation. Provides information and guidance on cooperation and funding opportunities offered by the EU Framework Programme “Horizon Europe” and other initiatives.

Swiss Aerospace Cluster

The industry network supporting the Swiss aerospace and satellite services industry in the transfer of knowledge and Technology.


Space Campus

The Space Campus enables cooperation between the Swiss space industries and universities through academic and industrial student projects with direct use for the space domain.

EPFL Space Innovation

Fostering space technologies. Builds on the multi-domain relevance of space technologies to support the development of disruptive innovation projects in the space sector.

EPFL eSpace

Interdisciplinary hub, working with students, academic institutions, international space agencies and industry partners, with an overall mission to promote space related research and education at EPFL.