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Newsletter Summary
Newsletter December 2023 Our members are hiring
Space for inspiration
Space Innovation Annual Assembly
Twenty years of outer space at EPFL
Newsletter November 2023 26th ESA Symposium on European Rocket and Balloon Programmes and Related Research
Swiss Space Dinner
CSEM Photonic Day
eSpace Director addresses European Parliament on space sustainability
Newsletter September 2023 Call for ESA Facility Definition Teams (FDTs) membership for LEO, the Lunar Gateway and Moon Surface
CAS Systems Engineering for Smart Industries
SXS-ESA Career events in Lausanne & Zürich
SWISSto12 Secures CHF 25 Million Working Capital Financing Facility from UBS for HummingSat Satellite Business
Welcome to our new members
Newsletter June 2023 New Generation Photovoltaics for Space
Next Space Generation x Aerospace Europe Conference
OFXB Star Party 2023
Commercial Space Days
26th ESA Symposium on European Rocket and Balloon Programmes and Related Research
Two open positions at General Atomics GA-Synopta
ESA recruits – and not only astronauts!
Space Debris Training Course 2023
Newsletter April 2023 Space Community Days Switzerland 2023
Track & Trace from Space
Cybersecurity for the space industry
A weekend-long journey into the EPFL universe
International Symposium on Nondestructive Characterization of Materials
Klepsydra AI – ESA OBMark-ML online demo II: The Cloud Detection DNN
Newsletter February 2023 Annual Assembly of Space Innovation
Deadline extended for EUCASS abstract submission
Send your ideas for CubeSat swarms
EPFL Engineering Industry Day
Gruyère Space Program will showcase Colibri
SXS Space Community Days
Klepsydra AI – ESA OBMark-ML online demo I: The CME DN
The EPFL Spacecraft Team is launching EPFL back into space
Newsletter December 2022 Photonics chip allows light amplification
17% Raise at the ESA Council at Ministerial level
At MPS, you can be a hero!
Intelsat chooses SWISSto12 to build Intelsat 45
Annual Assembly of Space Innovation
Out of 22’500…
Newsletter October 2022 4th CASSINI Hackathon
CERN tech in space
Space2Earth Accelerator 2023
Anniversary event: 30 years of “Joy reigns” with Claude Nicollier
Members Profiles web page
Newsletter July 2022 Precision Mechanisms & Structures Interest Group
The Space Sustainability Rating is now live!
9T Labs to Open First Office in the US, Boston
Concrete Hardening on the ISS
Beyond Gravity launches start-up program
Switzerland formalises membership of SKA Observatory in Davos
Newsletter May 2022 Glowing glass droplets on the ISS
Our Places in the Cosmos
Week of Women in Aerospace Europe
Fabien Jourdan: from student to CEO of Astrocast
Industry Space Days 2022
CAS Systems Engineering for Smart Industries
Space Sustainability Rating will go live in June
Newsletter March 2022 Legends of Space, 18-19 March 2022
Swiss Space Week, 28 March – 1 April 2022
LEO Kinetic Space Safety Workshop, 4-5 May 2022
Discover the New Space Economy
Newsletter February 2022 SanoSat-1 to SSO orbit
Ask Kistler Experts
CSEM story about PULSAR Project
SAPHYRION announces two new high-end products
Menhir Photonics – Time for space
SCHURTER – Too important to fail
RUAG Space teams with start-up
APCO takes up technical challenges
CompPair’s healable and sustainable composites
Newsletter December 2021 Annual Assembly 2021 – Thank you!
Welcome to our new members!
Apply to the Junior Professional Programme!
JWST Launch Event at the Swiss Museum of Transport
14th European Space Conference
Call for Membership in the Expert Committee for the Large mission covering the science theme “Moons of the Giant Planets”
Call for a Medium-size and a Fast mission opportunity in ESA’s Science Programme
Embotech raises CHF 10 million in Series A financing round
News Cysat 2022
New policy brief on space debris collision risk from the International Risk Governance Center (IRGC)
Newsletter November 2021 Kistler organizes a webinar on electric motor testing for aerospace applications
Annual Assembly of Space Innovation
1st International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing for Air, Space and Land Transportation co-organized by ESA and NASA
Newsletter October 2021 Annual Assembly
Space2Earth Accelerator 2022 – The Call for startups is now open
Welcome to Syderal Swiss and Kistler!
Application open to the ESA BIC Switzerland incubator programme
Join the SpaceTech Europe Online Hackathon
Oustanding achievements of the EPFL Rocket team and ARIS
Expo 2020 Dubai – EPFL hosts the space weeks at the Swiss Pavilion
“Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence applications in Astrophysics, Earth Observation and Life Sciences” – Space Café
Newsletter September 2021 Webinar “IGLUNA 2021 Projects: Outcome and next Steps”
Space2Earth Accelerator 2022
Space Innovation Annual Assembly
New lecture at ETH Zürich: “Space Research and Exploration”
Top 100 Swiss Start-ups – Fourteen space start-ups awarded
Involi launches sales of a new air traffic receiver: the G-1090
EPFL Xplore’s space rover wins three awards at the European Rover Challenge
Orolia wins 65M Euros in atomic clock contracts to keep the next generation of Galileo Satellites on time
Newsletter August 2021 ECSS Online courses
“Life on other planets” at Scientifica 2021
Webinar “Experience and Outlook on In-Orbit Demonstration in Switzerland”
IGLUNA – Successful Field Campaign in Lucerne
SwissCanSat competition
Outreach activities in Bavois and St-Luc
Astrocast lists on Euronext Growth Oslo
Virtual Space Tour in Tokyo
Embotech & AXYARD join forces to automate yard logistics
Newsletter June 2021 IGLUNA Field Campaign in Lucerne
Inauguration of the Globis Astronautenschule
New ESA-match platform
Switzerland in the SpaceTech Industry 2021 Landscape Overview
Successful first edition of the Cassini Hackathon
ESA BIC Info event
Collision risk from space debris: Current status, challenges and response strategies
EPFL Space Center to operate the Sustainable Space Rating by 2022
Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Systems Engineering for Smart industries
General Atomics announces the acquisition of Synopta GmbH
Newsletter May 2021 CASSINI Hackathon
IGLUNA Readiness Review – Final step before the Field Campaign
Webinar: Swiss Trainees at ESA
ESA-ESRIC Space Resources Challenge
Call for Doctorate at the MELiSSA Foundation
ESA Astronaut Selection – One week left to apply!
On the way to the 1st Swiss liquid rocket engine powered lander
Newsletter April 2021 Astronaut selection 2021
Yuri’s Night – 60th Anniversary
#PLASUS21 Workshop
Startup Champions Seed Night
IGLUNA – “SCALE Mission” Aftermovie
New article: “Intensifying space activity calls for increased scrutiny of risks”
AWS Space Accelerator
Space for Sustainability Award 2021
“Defying Gravity” at EPFL Pavilions
Space Walk in the Jorat Forest
Newsletter March 2021 Claude Nicollier’s MOOC is online
IGLUNA – Successful Midterm Event
“Space Research and Exploration”
Women in Science and Space
Astronaut selection 2021 – Applications opening soon
Newsletter February 2021 We are looking for the next Swiss Astronaut!
IGLUNA – Critical Design Review
Executive Summary 2020
ESA BIC Switzerland: Application open
Mars 2020 Perseverance Landing
Young Graduate Trainee at ESA
R2T2 Mars Missions
Newsletter January 2021 Symposium on Sustainable Space Logistics
Klepsydra Technologies at CES 2021
LIDE “Glide your experiment” challenge
Speech on the future of European Space Policy
New space investment
Newsletter December 2020 – Swiss Space Center Board of Directors – Welcome to Daniel Neuenschwander
IGLUNA – Moon Mission reviewd at the Concurrent Design Facility – ESA
Annual Assembly
Research Fellowship at the ACT
ExoMars 2022
Sustainable Space Logistics Symposium
Space Law Course
CYSEC wins Swiss Space Office contract to develop secure, reliable in-orbit satellite reconfiguration
Newsletter November 2020 – Swiss Space Center Space4Impact Kick-off event
IGLUNA – Ongoing PDR and CDF Study
Welcome to our new National Trainees!
Swiss Space Days
Be a Star in ESA’s Universe
Strategic partnership between INVOLI and Airmarket
Newsletter October 2020 – Swiss Space Center Be a Star in ESA’s Universe – Online Career Event
Swiss Space Days
IGLUNA 2021 – Next milestone: Preliminary Design Review
First scientific results with CHEOPS data
BepiColombo’s first Venus flyby
MELiSSA Conference 2020 – Virtual edition
Guidance: Satellites and space programmes from 1 January 2021
Air&Space Days 2020 at the Verkehrshaus
Newsletter September 2020 – Swiss Space Center IGLUNA 2021 – Let’s get started !
Members’ Profiles 2020
Be a Star in ESA’s Universe
Julina, Swiss Winner of the Competition
New opportunities for students
Global Engineering Careers in Science & Space
First natural fibre satellite panel successfully developed by ESA and Bcomp
openEO Virtual User Workshop
Newsletter August 2020 – Swiss Space Center IGLUNA – Successful Virtual Field Campaign & end of IGLUNA 2020
Young Graduate Trainee position – We are hiring !
Paper Rocket Launch in St-Luc
Asclepios Mission – Call for Projects
Industry Space Days 2020
International Astronautical Congress
9T Labs and Setforge collaborate to bring Additive Manufacturing CFRP to series production
Newsletter June 2020 – Swiss Space Center IGLUNA – Join us online ! 10 – 19 July
New campaigns open
ESA BIC Switzerland Info Event
Webinar on Additive Manufacturing Technologies for Space Mechanisms
Newsletter May 2020 – Swiss Space Center IGLUNA 2021 : Call for projects now open !
New NTP positions open for application
IGLUNA – The Field Campaign goes online
Swiss Space Day
CYSEC wins European Space Agency contract to protect ship tracking communications from cyber threats
Producing Human Tissue in Space
Newsletter April 2020 – Swiss Space Center Mesures de Positionnement 2020 – Extended application deadline
Space4Impact : Kick-off Event postponed
IGLUNA – Update on the situation coming soon
Space in Response to COVID-19 Outbreak
Code4Space – Challenge for Kids
Explore the Universe from home !
Astronomy on Tap #6.2
Space Café WebTalk “33 minutes with Frank Salzgeber”
Successful online event “The Space you Need” by the UZH Space Hub
Successful development collaboration between ESA and SCHURTER
Free download of the Solar Wind Collector poster
Newsletter March 2020 – Swiss Space Center Events cancellation
IGLUNA – Successful remote Midterm Event
Claude’s Nicollier MOOC is online
Al Worden – Condolence message
Join the Space Debris Training Course
Job opportunities
Successful launch of the Bartolomeo Platform
9T Labs and ANSYS partner in composite design and simulation tools
Newsletter February 2020 – Swiss Space Center Update of Prof. Claude Nicollier’s MOOC
Space4Impact Initiative – Call for startups
IGLUNA – Ongoing Critical Design Reviews and Midterm Event next month
“Let’s Shoot for the Moon” International Women Day
Space Technologies Studies 2018 Results
ESA BIC Switzerland – Application open for startups
Globi’s astronaut school
2020 ESA’s Teacher Workshops on Space
Astrocast is hiring
Newsletter January 2020 – Swiss Space Center Register now – Space Technologies 2018 Results
Science Café and Launch Party
Galileo Drawing Competition
MELissa Conference – Call for Abstracts
CHEOPS computer successfully booted
Empa Workshop on Corrosion Research
Newsletter December 2019 – Swiss Space Center Space Technologies 2018 Results
Bartolomeo Platform Presentation
Annual Assembly 2019 Highlights
IGLUNA Field Campaign – Collaboration with Pilatus and the Verkehrshaus confirmed
Launch Party for the Space Telescope STIX
Galileo Drawing Competition
Thank you !
Newsletter November 2019 – Swiss Space Center Annual Assembly 2019
IGLUNA – Ongoing Preliminary Design Reviews
Be a Star in ESA’s Universe : Successful 2019 edition
Call for proposals – Austrian Space Applications Programme
Upcoming opening of the Young Graduate Trainee positions
“Earth’s Guardian : Using Space Tech for a Sustainable Future”
Newsletter October 2019 – Swiss Space Center Register now – SSC Annual Assembly 2019
Be a Star in ESA’s Universe
ESA_Lab@CH – Memorandum of Collaboration
Astronomy on Tap in Lausanne and Bern
Newsletter August/September 2019 – Swiss Space Center Register now – Artificial Intelligence for Space – Why, where and how ?
IGLUNA 2020 – Kick-off event in Lausanne
Space Technologies Studies 2018 – Results
Jeffrey Hoffman at ETH : “Mars, Moxie and the Future of Human Exploration”
EPFL Open House – 50th Anniversary
ESA Workshop on Innovative Technologies for Space Optics
Scientifica – Zurich Science Days
Swiss teams rewarded at the Space Port America Cup 2019
Newsletter July 2019 – Swiss Space Center Successful Field Campaign in Zermatt
IGLUNA 2020 – Applications open until Sunday
Artificial Intelligence for Space – Why? Where? and How?
ESA Cyber Resilience – Industry information day
Earth Observation Φ-week from 9 to 13 September 2019
Call for Ideas – Recommendations in satellite navigation upstream research and development activities
Newsletter June 2019 – Swiss Space Center The Field Campaign of the student demonstrator Moon Habitat starts next week
Sixteen NTPs positions still open
Info Day on Space Exploration
Newsletter May 2019 – Swiss Space Center Register now – Continuing Education : “Non Destructive Analysis for Space”
Register now – ESA BIC Info Events
Call for proposals – IGLUNA 2020
IGLUNA – Readiness Review ongoing
Opening of the ESA OSIP Platform
Qualifications Reviews for the Swiss Student Rocket Team
National Trainee Programmes 2019
Newsletter March 2019 – Swiss Space Center Register now – Space Opportunities with NCCR PlanetS and SSC
Register now – National Info Day “ESA’s scientific programme, H2020-SPACE, PRODEX”
Call for proposals – Call for Ideas 2019
Continous Education Course for SSC Members
Call for abstracts – Scientifc and Fundamental Aspects of GNSS
Newsletter February 2019 – Swiss Space Center Event – Space Opportunities with NCCR PlanetS and SSC
Call for Ideas 2019
Executive Summary 2018
International Summer Camps
IGLUNA MidTerm Event at CERN
Opportunities at ESA
Newsletter December 2018 – Swiss Space Center NTP 2018
Members’ profiles 2018
Visit of Charlie Duke
Thank you!
Newsletter November 2018 – Swiss Space Center IGLUNA – Press Release
Selection of MdP 2018
Be A Star in ESA’s Universe
Astronomy on Tap
Newsletter September 2018 – Swiss Space Center We are hiring!
Upcoming Event: Remote Sensing 4.0
IGLUNA Kickoff Event
Swiss Space Summer Camp 2018
Newsletter May 2018 – Swiss Space Center Conference Thomas Pesquet
Workshop on Swiss Space Mechanisms and Components
International Event on Space Opportunities
Swiss Space Summer Camp 2018
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