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Lunar Operative Outpost for the Production and Storage of Microgreens

“In 1975 with the science fiction series “Space 1999” we fantasized about the possibility of living on the moon. Thanks to IGLUNA we now have the opportunity to help make the dream possible developing a lunar operative outpost, to help sustain life in such an hostile environment.”


Last year, the team participated in IGLUNA 2020 with the name V-GELM and multiple purposes: to perform a cultivation with a partially autonomous hydroponic system and recreate its activities in a VR experience inside a lunar greenhouse designed by the team.

This year, LOOPS-M (Lunar Operative Outpost for the Production and Storage of Microgreens) wants to take that project to the next level, enhancing each part of the earlier stage. The hydroponic vertical cultivation system will have new activities fully automated through a new robotic system, and the cultivation experiment will take the next step towards a closed-loop by integrating microbes or insects as part of a bioregenerative waste recovery system.

The design of the lunar greenhouse will also be further enhanced through the development of a micrometeorite shield and the construction of a prototype, while the VR experience will receive model upgrades.


Micrometeorite shield

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