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P04 – V-GELM

Virtual Greenhouse Experience Lunar Module

“Being part of IGLUNA means having the opportunity to expand our knowledge and skills, to collaborate with experts from different fields, to meet project teams from all over the word and to experience with a real international project creating new technologies for human space exploration. IGLUNA is our challenge to create the future.”


The project goal is to develop an interactive virtual reality simulation of a permanent greenhouse lunar habitat, called V-GELM (Virtual Greenhouse Experimental Lunar Module). It will be placed in a lunar crater located on the dark face of the Moon. The habitat will be designed as an inflatable structure (like the Bigelow module on the ISS) and placed inside an ice igloo that will protect the inside from the cosmic radiation. The habitat will host 10 cultivation modules to sustain the life of 9 astronauts for a long-term mission. The cultivation model proposed is called HORT3 and has a heritage from the HortExtreme mission in the Oman’s desert (the mission was aimed at stimulating the Martian environment).

Basing on the experiences made during the mission, this project is aimed at developing a simulation of the greenhouse, completed of animations and interactions that can be used for astronauts training, to study the module layout and to test the maintenance and emergencies procedures.

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