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P13 – RAY

Light to improve well-being in space

“Looking at people’s needs, with an eye towards the stars: bringing comfort out in Space”


The team is not part of IGLUNA 2021 anymore.


Astronauts’ quality of life during long-duration space missions is severely influenced by the confinement they experience. Living in narrow rooms without openings for long periods of time exposes the crew to several risks, negatively affecting both their mental and physiological balance. The stressful situations they have to face on board, the lack of natural stimuli and, most of all, the absence of natural light are factors that can alter the crew’s behavior significantly, with a decrease of their mood, productivity and quality of performance.

In the perspective of longer exploration missions and permanent human settlements in space, the urgency of considering these factors in the design process of space habitats emerges. Our project, called Ray, proposes the use of light to mitigate the negative consequences of confinement in space, exploiting light as an intangible tool to transform the environment.

Currently at a conceptual stage, we are eager to make Ray become a reality during IGLUNA 2021. Our goal is to bring more attention to the humans’ needs in the space industry, which has been a pioneering sector for a long time. Now the time is ripe to start focussing on the human factors.

Simulation on the International Space Station

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