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Rover for the Establishment of Bases and Encampments
on the Lunar Surface

“IGLUNA is about taking chances, experimenting, daring to be bold.”


We seek to develop a rover for solar sintering on the lunar surface and to enable a sustainable human presence on the Moon. The project is designed as a lunar mission analog, consisting of a proof-of-concept design for habitat construction on the lunar surface.

This project is based on ESA’s Moon Village concept, which seeks to address the problem of building a more permanent base for space exploration, decreasing costs of future missions. It also addresses the problem of bringing materials to the Moon for said village by instead using the lunar environment’s natural resources.

Our long-term vision for the project is as follows: inflatable domes will form the basic structure, upon which a radiation and impact shield will be built with our rover. Such a methodology would be indispensable to the Moon Village, as it would offer protection for the crew against micrometeorites and cosmic radiation during their stay on the Moon’s surface. This will be achieved by 3D printing a solid structure by solar sintering local regolith. The rover will be able to freely traverse said structure while it is being built, adding layers of sintered material incrementally.

Sintered sand

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