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Multi-Robot Autonomous Planetary Exploration

“We are Making Innovative Space Technologies @ MISTLAB and are beyond excited to explore extreme environments during IGLUNA 2021.”


The aim of this project is to test and deploy the infrastructure needed for a ”swarm” of robots, to collaborate in the exploration and mapping of planetary environments such as surface, caves, or lava tubes.

We envision exploring a lava tubes on the moon with a swarm of highly autonomous small-size robots, controlled by a single audio-visual interface. The operator would issue commands and the robots would self-organize to achieve the tasks that they are assigned. As the robots perform the exploration, they will place themselves in such a way that localization quality and network connectivity are maximized for the whole swarm.

This project will provide validation of a self- organizing system composed by multiple entities for the exploration of extreme environments, such as the IGLUNA analogue test bed on top of Mt. Pilatus in Switzerland.

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