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Autonomous operations & navigation on robotic systems

“IGLUNA is the initiative that brings teams of students together to share, experiment and grasp the growing innovations in the space domain.”


The CoRoDro (COllaborative ROver and DROne) team from ISAE-SUPAERO is a student team dedicated to the study of autonomous navigation and operations for space robotic systems. As space missions turn bolder and push toward the deeper space, the concept of autonomy becomes an essential asset to space exploration.

The exploration of our solar system asks for more autonomous robotic systems. During Earth-orbiting missions, periodic high-quality communications with ground stations are guaranteed for both scientific and house-keeping purposes. This fails to be true for deep-space or planetary underground missions, where the quality of the communications links can be extremely poor.

Nevertheless, missions are growing more complex and the capability of planning, controlling and predicting all potential mission events reduces. Autonomous decision-making capabilities onboard the future exploration system are, therefore, considered as critical technologies. Our study aims to mature the algorithms and the software for autonomous navigation and operations of a drone and a rover.

Evolving those critical technologies will enable the exploration of challenging targets like the lunar lava-tubes, the subsurface ocean of Enceladus or the methane lake on Titan.

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