Launch your design to space

ESA has opened a competition for a design that will ornament the fairing of the Soyuz rocket carrying the satellite CHEOPS.

The fairing is the outer housing that protects the satellite against the extreme pressure and heat experienced as it punches through Earth’s atmosphere. Those fairings are produced in Switzerland by the company RUAG Space.

CHEOPS is an ESA satellite mission to study Exo-planets.

Further details about the competition can be found here. Competition rules and guidelines are published here.

Toute une vie avec Claude Nicollier

The RTS programme “Toute une vie” presented Claude Nicollier on January 4th 2018. “Des archives rares, des photos, des documents personnels. Le Suisse de l’Espace, Claude Nicollier parle de son ancêtre le chocolatier Cailler, de sa carrière chez Swissair, de sa vie de famille à Houston et de ses extraordinaires missions avec la navette Challenger.”