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Mesures de Positionnement


Space Technologies Studies 2016: results

13 February 2018

The Swiss Space Center organised for the fourth time after 2012, 2014 and 2016 an event dedicated to the presentations of results achieved by the consortium selected in the frame of our national activity “Mesures de Positionnement” funded and implemented by the Swiss Space Office from the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI/SSO).


The twelve projects selected in 2016 come to an end in January 2018 and this event is a unique networking opportunity for the Swiss space community, newcomers in the space business and international stakeholders. More than 100 participants attended the past events.

Time Programme
 09:30-10:00  Welcome + coffee
 10:00-10:05  Introduction (G. Bourban, Deputy Director, Swiss Space Center)
 10:05-10:15   National activities in the frame of the Swiss Space Policy (R. Krpoun, Head, Swiss Space Office)
 10:15-10:25  ESA presentation (Eike Kircher, Deputy Head of the Technology Programs Office)
 10:25-10:40  Miniaturized Terminal For Machine To Machine Telecommunications xTerm (HEIG-VD, ASTROCAST)
 10:40-10:55  Software Initiated FPGA Threading SWIFT (EPFL, Syderal)
 10:55-11:10  Spaceborne Autonomous NAvigation based on GNSS SANAG (EPFL, Grosso-link)
 11:10-11:15  CFI 2017 Part 1
 11:15-11:45  Coffee Break
 11:45-12:00  3-D printed microwave cavities for atomic clock applications (EPFL, UniNE, Swissto12)
 12:00-12:15  Additive Manufacturing of an SRA Rotor AMAR (CSEM, RUAG Space)
 12:15-12:30  Part integrity monitoring during Selective Laser Melting (Inspire, HEPIA, Sensima)
 12:30-12:40  CFI 2017 Part 2
 12:40-14:15  Standing lunch
 14:15-14:30  Multi-Sensor Application for LSWT Processing (UniBern, Odermatt-Brockmann)
 14:30-14:45  Extension of the CORDET Framework (University of Vienna, PnP Software)
 14:45-15:00  Superlative Wideband Waveguide Imaging Spectrometer SWWIS (ETH Zürich, Micos)
 15:00-15:30  Coffee break
 15:30-15:45  Thermo-Mechanical Virtualization of Hybrid Flax/Carbon Fiber Composite for Spacecraft Structures (ETH Zürich, Bcomp)
 15:45-16:00  Flexible Optical Solar Reflector (EMPA, APCO Technologies)
16:00-16:15 Lightweight Ceramic Foam Composites and Novel Environmental Testing for Satellite Applications (EPFL, de Cavis)
 16:15-16:20  Conclusion and Outlook

Ecole polytechnique fédérale Lausanne EPFL

Auditoire CO1

Brochure MdP 2016

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