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Semi-Autonomous Modular Plant and other Life sustaining Experiment

“Gathering students from all over the world to follow the dream of Apollo”


The main target of the project SAMPLE is to create the possibility of storage and germination of biological species outside the main astronauts’ habitat, which will help in space management in the main base. Besides that, the project aims to adjust environmental conditions remotely by means of thermal energry. Thanks to appropriate thermal insulation and remote temperature control, the samples will be able to survive even in the most extreme conditions. Energy will be provided by solar panels.

The conditions inside the module will be checked by three sensors: pressure sensor, humidity sensor and thermal sensor. In case of plants’ germination, the intercropping cultivation, which is one of natural methods of protecting plants against diseases and pests, will be performed. Plants will live in a closed cycle. The technology has potential to be adapted for use in extreme conditions on Earth, eg. Polar bases.

SAMPLE has been selected to take part in the “SCALE” mission together with AMPEX and Celestial. The Phase 0 of the mission has been reviewed in December 2020 at the Concurrent Design Facility (CDF) at ESA. The CDF hosts the technical teams supporting the preparation of the agency’s future space missions.

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