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"new age of communications performance in Space"

Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, SWISSto12 works with global aerospace and telecommunications corporations including Intelsat, Inmarsat, Thales, Lockheed Martin, Elbit Systems and the European Space Agency. Together with its partners, SWISSto12 delivers next-generation Radio Frequency payload technology and HummingSat, an innovative new class of geostationary SmallSats to better connect and protect every corner of the world.

Field of Expertise
  • Cutting-edge Radio Frequency products for aerospace and telecommunications applications, leveraging its proprietary 3D printing technology.
  • SWISSto12's GEO SmallSat, HummingSat, allows telecommunications operators to deploy a cost-efficient, compact and agile asset without sacrificing performance or security.
  • HummingSat's capacity, coverage and cost enables brand new applications and business models for operators while revitalizing existing ones.
  • HummingSat makes high-speed connectivity more scalable, faster to deploy and lower cost to better serve telecoms operators, businesses, governments, NGOs and communities - wherever they are.



SWISSto12 has over 30 patents in novel Radio Frequency solutions and is leading into the Satellite Telecoms industry with HummingSat - a new class of commercial GEO SmallSat.

In 2022, SWISSto12 announced that it will produce the first satellite of this product line, the IS-45, for Intelsat, making SWISSto12 the first scale-up specialist in the history of the industry to sign a contract of this nature with an established telecommunications operator.

In January 2023, SWISSto12 agreed a €30 million partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA) to roll-out of the HummingSat line further.

Most recently, in May 2023, SWISSto12 signed a landmark deal with Inmartsat to provide its eighth-generation of spacecraft. The three I-8 satellites will provide additional network resilience, securing the future of Inmarsat's global L-band safety services, supporting 1.6 million seafarers and over 200 airlines.

SWISSto12 spun off in 2011 from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), is privately owned and backed by prominent Swiss and European Investors.