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Solenix is an international group offering high-quality software engineering services, operations and consultancy services, and software products in the space industry. We develop innovative solutions to complex problems, combining state-of-the-art technology with proven and established practices. We are well known for being a reliable, capable and flexible partner. Our customers are European space agencies and satellite operators.

Solenix was established in Switzerland in 2004 with Solenix GmbH and over the years has expanded its activities to other countries. Today, Solenix has evolved into an international group with places of business in several European countries. The group employs about 60 staff.

Field of Expertise

Development of distributed software systems with a focus on data processing and web applications:

  • End-to-End System & Service Monitoring
  • Electronic Event Logging, Alarming & Processing
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applied to Mission Operations
  • Intelligent Planning, Scheduling and Optimisation
  • Earth Observation End-to-End Processing Chains
  • Mission Data Analysis & Visualisation
  • Mission Monitoring & Control Systems
  • Robotics & Automation Control Systems
  • Überlog is an operations logbook solution for tracking events and activities, used daily by major satellite operators.
  • Elveti is an easy to use, flightproven mission control system designed to operate both single and constellations of nano & small satellites.
  • Multiple contracts for ESA and the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) in which we offer a broad range of services in support of ground segment development and operations, including the design and development of new systems, the evolution and maintenance of existing ones and the research and prototyping of innovative solutions.