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"Space-qualified integrated circuits and GNSS data processing instruments"

Saphyrion Sagl, located in Bioggio (Ticino), is key player in the industry domain of spaceborne RF, analog and mixed mode electronics, and its enabling technology allowed the European Space Agency to pioneer compact GNSS receivers for satellite orbit control and other scientific applications.

SAPHYRION developed a solid background in signal processing and systems and subsystems for ground applications, like high performance GNSS systems and laboratory instruments for GNSS data acquisition and processing.

Field of Expertise

Design of radiation-hardened integrated circuits (RF, analog and digital logic):

  • Processing of signals in different bands (L, S, X, K)
  • Electronic for RF and analog stages of space-borne telecom equipment
  • Advanced instrumentation for GNSS integrity monitoring
  • GNSS data processing and software defined GNSS receivers
  • Data fusion (GNSS/IMU, GNSS/UWB and others) for hybridized platforms
  • Consultancy in IC design and signal processing
  • ASICs for space-borne GNSS receivers on all recent ESA Earth Observation missions: Sentinel, Swarm, Earthcare, Metop
  • Strategic partnership in Europeanbased GNSS receiver production with: RUAG Space, Airbus Defense & Space, Thales Alenia Space
  • Wide experience partnering or coordinating ESA and EU-funded projects with large enterprises, academies, research centers, SMEs, end users and integrators.