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Micos Engineering

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"Optical Systems for Space and Industry"

Micos Engineering GmbH is an independent system engineering SME that focuses on optical instrumentation for the European space market. Micos serves its customers with design, engineering and AIT of ground support equipment and flight hardware.

Micos facilities dedicated to integration and testing account for ISO5, ISO6 and ISO7 cleanroom areas equipped with quality and metrology instrumentation to support opto-mechanical integration and verification; TVAC facility with double cooling circuit; optical laboratory for breadboarding activities; thermometry calibration and vibration monitoring equipment are also in-house.

Field of Expertise

Our multi-disciplinary team runs projects with a professional network of industrial and institutional partners. Micos key competences:

  • Optical, Opto-Mechanical Design and AIT
  • Characterization & Calibration Systems and GSEs
  • Optical fibre based Metrology Systems
  • Spectroscopic and Interferometric Systems
  • Prototype Processing and Algorithms
  • Project and Subcontractor Management, Product Assurance


  • MTG Calibration Blackbodies (BB) & IRS Spectral Algo.
  • Sentinel-4&5 AIT-OGSE & Calibration Subsystem
  • Copernicus CO2M Flight Calibration Unit
  • Proba-3 FFLS Opto-Mech. Subsystem
  • MetOp 3MI Calibration M/EGSE, METImage ReImager
  • FORUM Perf. Modelling, Spectral/Radiometric Calibration & BB


  • Miniaturized Aerosols Monitoring Nephelometers
  • Waveguided High Resolution Spectrometers