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"Earth Observation as a Service"

ExoLabs is a spin-off from the University of Zurich, founded in 2017 and registered in Zurich, Switzerland.

In the context of climate change and the associated changes in environmental conditions, ExoLabs enables businesses to better apply insights from Earth Observation data across sectors ranging from energy, insurance, tourism, commodity trading or agriculture to research and government.

We ensure that cutting-edge scientific research finds a direct implementation in user-defined applications by providing unique data products and by building customized solutions for our clients that deliver financial and operational advantages.

Field of Expertise
  • Earth system science
  • Multi-sensor Earth Observation image processing (satellite, airborne, drone)
  • Global near real-time monitoring of environmental variables
  • Land use/land cover classification and change detection
  • Machine learning and big data handling
  • Cloud computing
  • Software development (SaaS)
  • Spin-off from the University of Zurich, member of the UZH Space Hub & the Swiss Alliance for Data-Intensive Services, supported by Innosuisse
  • Research projects with ESA, SSC, federal agencies, universities, industry
  • National and international customers from the tourism, energy and  natural resources sectors
  • Global near real-time monitoring of snow characteristics (COSMOS, ExoSnow App)