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All terrain exploring vehicle


This project focusses on designing and developing a remotely controlled full functional rover vehicle with all terrain moving capability. Since the lunar surface presents a vast and rough terrain covered with craters and rocks, a rover would be a great technological capability asset for exploring the surroundings of the lunar base/landing site. The rover integrates multiple electronic systems that allows it to navigate, record, map and supply live imaging with thermal vision.

The mission of this rover is to supply 3D mapping of unexplored environment, video imaging and thermal imaging of the surroundings using a LiDAR sensor and a thermal camera. The block of batteries can be quickly replaced and shall provide power for at least 40 minutes of activity depending on mission’s tasks.

The project enhances the students’ capabilities to work with high end technology consisting in equipment, materials and systems. Our collaborative and industrial partners are ready to support us by providing the necessary tools, parts and equipment to successfully develop the vehicle.

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