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P03 – SWAG

Smart Waste-based Agriculture Growing System

“The IGLUNA Project empowers us to work together with a fantastic international network of students and organisations to further develop space exploration as a beacon of global collaboration and scientific development – to the moon and beyond!”


The SWAG Team from Zürich University of applied science (ZHAW) is going to build a human waste-based agriculture growing system, that is monitored by various sensors and controlled by smart system which ensures vital plant growth. The system will be modular expandable, should be able to cultivate different plant species and will be used as a test bed for variable fertilizer components. The whole hardware, like LED lighting, pumps, sensors and the motors for the automatization will be managed over a mobile and web application by microcontrollers. The system will use human waste for substrates and fertilizer, to close the nutrient cycle as much as possible.

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