Café des Sciences: Space Exploration and Sustainability – November 25, 2022

Outer space has become an increasingly important resource for the Earth. Thousands of satellites orbit the Earth, providing social, scientific, and economic benefits to people on the ground. However, the rapid growth in the space industry poses challenges to space sustainability, which call for international collaborations. Prof. Jean-Paul Kneib, Director, EPFL Laboratory of Astrophysics & EPFL Space Center (Space), will first share his perspectives on the current space industry and his research on sustainable space logistics, followed by Prof. Dr. Shufan WU, Executive Vice Dean of the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, who will share his insights on how space science and technologies contributed to the SDG goals and the general SDG development in China.

Switzerland & Italy : Together in Space – December 15, 2022

The Italian government has established the National Day of Space on December 16. On the day before, in 1964, Italy launched the S. Marco 1 satellite, becoming the third country to have space capabilities.

In order to celebrate the third edition of the Italian National Day of Space in Switzerland, the Italian Embassy in Bern and EPFL organise a public event which brings together Swiss and Italian astronauts and Space Agencies, large space companies and university spin-offs.

eSpace Webinar – Nov. 14th, 16h00 – Solar System Objects (SSOs) Pipeline for the Euclid Mission

On November 14th, 16:00-17:00, webinar : Solar System Objects (SSOs) Pipeline for the Euclid Mission, by Aurelien Verdier. During this webinar, you will see how a pipeline for a spatial mission at ESA is developed, from the definition of the goal to the implementation, and all the challenges we had to face. The talk will focus on asteroid detection (SSOs), where they are, and why we need to detect them, but also on the Euclid mission. The presentation will be concluded with an overview of the experience gained during two years through the YGT program, technically but also humanly.

Funding for Swiss Space Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

On the 6th of December 2022, 16:30 – 18:00, the Innovation Office of the University of Bern in collaboration with Euresearch and ESA BIC Switzerland are organising an event to present an overview of funding and support opportunities for space research and business in Switzerland.