Newsletter September 2021

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Start of the lecture “Space Research and Exploration” at ETH Zürich

A new lecture has started during the Autumn semester 2021 at ETH Zürich: “Space Research and Exploration”. The lecture series is hosted by Prof. Sascha P. Quanz in the presence of several renowned speakers from the space sector ready to share their knowledge and passion with the students:
– Andrea Fortier, University of Bern
– Volker Gass, EPFL
– Adrian Glauser, ETH Zürich
– Louise Harra, ETH Zürich
– Hendrik Kolvenbach, ETH Zürich
– Florian Kehl, University of Zurich / Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts / NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
– Anna Kubik, ETH Zürich
– Deborah Müller, RUAG Space
– Claude Nicollier, ESA Astronaut
– Didier Queloz, ETH Zürich
– Thomas Reiter, ESA Astronaut

More information on the lecture here.

“IGLUNA 2021 student projects: Outcome and next steps” – Webinar

23 September 2021, online. During this webinar, the IGLUNA 2021 student teams will pitch their projects, sharing their Field Campaign results and next steps. Join us to interact with all the student teams and get to know their projects, expand your network, share your expertise, and explore potential collaborations with the students!

Webinar “Experience and Outlook on IOD in Switzerland”

8 September 2021 at 16.00 CET, online. Speakers:

  • Fabien Droz, Head of Instrumentation Activity at CSEM SA, “Why invest in an IOD?” /
  • Reto Muff, Chief Technical Officer at Thales Alenia Space Switzerland Ltd, “IOD of an Optical Freespace Communication System for Small Satellites” /
  • Veronica La Regina, CEO – Nanoracks Space Outpost Europe srl, “Affordable and valuable IoD/IoV for your business: how to work with Nanoracks Europe”.

Restricted to the Space Innovation members.