Newsletter April 2021

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#PLASUS21 Workshop

29 April 2021, online. The workshop #PLASUS21 – „Planetary Sustainability 21: Challenges, Opportunities and Necessities” connects space & global sustainability, key space actors and sustainability thinkers. Speakers from the Space4Impact initiative, EPFL, Universities of Bern and Zürich, ClearSpace, Eawag, Federal Department for Foreign Affairs and more. Registration mandatory.

ESA Astronaut Selection – Swiss national Event

27 April 2021, online. The Swiss Space Office of the SERI and ESA are organizing a national event to provide potential applicants from Switzerland with details about the requirements and the application process. Two astronauts will share their experiences during their space missions and the training, and in general talk about the daily life of an astronaut, both in space and on Earth. Followed by a Q&A session.

Masterclass with Claude Nicollier

ESA Astronaut Selection 2021 – Are you a scientist, engineer or doctor with a passion for space? Prepare your application with the help of Claude Nicollier and apply for the current ESA Astronaut selection!