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9T Labs

Member profile – Industry

9T Labs
“All-in Solution for Digital Composite Production”

9T Labs’ Technology has already been tested in aerospace, automotive, medtech, sports, and luxury. Among these users, following applications can be mentioned:

  • Helicopter door hinge – University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland
  • Automotive bracket – SetForge/Renault

Founded in 2018 by by a team of pioneers, passionate about bringing the next generation of high performance manufacturing, we aspire to mass produce high performance composites as easily as metals. We do this by automating
and digitizing the production workflow of composite production at the most innovative companies.

Therefore, we built a software as a service suite, powered by integrated FEA simulation tools, that allows to quickly find the most optimal designs. Then we combined state of the art additive manufacturing equipment with advanced post processing technology to enable serial manufacturing of structural
composite parts.

Field of Expertise

We are at the forefront of digital composite production with our all-in-one Red Series technology. To offer this level of technology to our customers, we developed a unique expertise in the production value chain of load-carrying composite structure from design to consolidated serial parts.

Segment Research Development Production
Earth Observation
Life and Physical Sciences
Satellite-based Applications
Instruments and Payloads
Spacecraft and on-board Equipment
Ground Segment
Materials and Processes
Electronic Components
Basic Research for Space Technology
Small Satellite Activities

9T Labs AG
Technoparkstrasse 1
CH – 8005 Zürich
Tel:+41 (0) 78 665 69 70

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