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"Electronics and Software for Space"

Building upon the 25 years of SYDERAL SA's recognized competence and experience, SYDERAL SWISS designs and produces on-board electronic  equipment for space applications, with a particular focus on competitive products for new space markets.

To develop our innovative products, SYDERAL SWISS has end-to-end engineering capabilities in digital and analog electronics design as well as embedded software development, and we produce our electronic equipment in our cleanroom production facilities, qualified to ESA standards.

SYDERAL SWISS also offers competence in "commercial off-the-shelf " (COTS) electronics and is becoming the Swiss reference center in electronic equipment for innovative and affordable commercial small satellites and New Space applications.

Field of Expertise
  • Space electronics design and development (compliant with ESA ECSS)
  • FPGA/ASIC design
  • Embedded software development
  • In-house electronics board production
  • Development of a COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) offer:
    • Standard Mechanism Drive Electronics (sMDE)
    • Modular Architecture for Versatile Standard Instrument Controller (MAVERIC)
  • SEIS E-Box: SYDERAL SWISS has developed the Seismometer E-Box of the Martian probe InSight.
  • FLORIS Instrument Control Unit (ICU): SYDERAL has be selected to develop the main electronic unit between the FLORIS instrument and the FLEX platform.
  • COPERNICUS HPCM: SYDERAL is developing CIMR Scan Control Electronics as well as LSTM Mechanism Drive Electronics and ICU. The largest Swiss contribution of this program has been attributed to SYDERAL.