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The Physikalisch-Meteorologisches Observatorium and World Radiation Center is a private non-commercial organization, which is a branch of the SFI foundation in Davos. The PMOD/WRC

  • Serves as an international center for the calibration of meteorological instruments measuring radiation;
  • Develops radiometers and telescopes for ground-based and space-based use.
  • Researches the Earth's ozone layer, climate evolution and the causes of solar activity.

Measurements obtained in space and on the ground are used for research projects, which assess the relation of the solar variations to climate change and space weather.

PMOD/WRC at a glance
  • Annual budget: 5.8 M CHF
  • 50+ staff members
  • Operational service of four calibration centers for the World Meteorological Organization:
  • Solar Radiometry Section (WRC-SRS)
  • Infrared Radiometry (WRC-IRS)
  • Atmospheric turbidity (WRC-WORCC)
  • UV radiometry (WRC-WCC-UV)
  • Research: Radiation metrology, Solar physics, solar influence on climate, atmosphere, and Space Weather
  • Collaborations nationally with ETH Zürich, University of Bern, University of Zürich, FHNW, IRSOL
Space Activities
  • Mechanical Workshop
  • Electronic Workshop
  • Cleanroom Iso7
  • Cleanbench Iso5
  • Vacuum Chamber
  • Optical Laboratory