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Menhir Photonics

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"Laser precise and reliable as a Swiss timepiece"

Menhir Photonics is a worldwide supplier of ultrafast lasers (femtosecond lasers) and related photonics solutions. We focus on customer satisfaction and industrial-grade quality, by placing the emphasis on the reliability and robustness of our products.

Thanks to innovative technology and design, we have developed a unique high-repetition rate (GHz) laser platform with ultra-low noise performances at 1550 nm. Our lasers are used in numerous applications including synchronization electronics, microwave generation or telecommunication.

Field of Expertise
  • Ultrafast lasers design, production and testing
  • Ultra-low noise RF signal generation using photonics solutions
  • Timing-distribution with pulsed lasers
  • LIDAR wavelength calibration unit for space applications.
  • Ultra-low noise RF signal generation for aerospace applications.
  • Lasers for frequency-comb and timing-distribution.