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"Edge computing software for today's data hungry world"

In today's increasingly data-hungry world, the bottleneck preventing the large-scale adoption of edge solutions is the processing of large data volumes on resource-limited devices.

Inspired by the fastest software technologies in the world: high frequency trading, Klepsydra has developed, a lightweight software for embedded systems, which is capable of boosting data processing and reducing power consumption of the board.

As usability and interoperability is embedded by design, Klepsydra's platform is an easy-touse, accessible framework aimed at enabling the next generation of high-performance space applications.

Field of Expertise

We are experts in embedded software development, and in particular, we have expertise in:

  • Space robotics
  • Vision based navigation
  • Object detection
  • Machine Learning on-board

Our core skills are in parallel data processing including sensor fusion and image processing. Our technical skills are:

  • Flight software development
  • Real-time OS (RTEMS, FreeRTOS)
  • FPGA, GPU and CPU
  • High-throughput Earth Observation paper, co-authored with LuxSpace for ESA OBDP2019
  • Presentations and papers for ESA CANInSpace2019 and ESA GNC 2020
  • Benchmarks for Space computers: Xilinx, Cobham, Ruag, Teledyne, etc.
  • References from existing clients can be provided upon request
  • Klepsydra Community Edition, tutorials demos available via our website