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"Cybersecurity for satellite communications"

Cysec SA is a cybersecurity company based on the EPFL Innovation Park offering end-to-end protection of satellite communications.

Cysec commercializes ARCA, a secured server that is used on ground by satellite operators and ground segment providers to run the mission control software.

ARCA includes all cryptographic functionalities and key management system to perform security-related operations such as encryptiondecryption, authentication and digital signature.

ARCA on ground is completed by a security module on board the satellite to provide the first end-to-end protection of satellite communications.

Field of Expertise
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cryptography
  • Key management
  • Software development
  • Software Integration
  • Cloud computing
  • IT infrastructure
  • Satellite operators, including Astrocast
  • Ground segment providers