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"Healable and sustainable composite materials"

A major limitation of composites is their sensitivity to damage; current repair solutions are costly and time consuming; and recycling is mostly inexistent. CompPair tackles these composite limitations and leads a paradigm change for the industry.

CompPair has developed a composite material able to repair itself and be better recycled, bringing circularity to the industry. HealTechTM, a ground-breaking innovation in the industry, enables the production of structures that can heal damage on site in 1 minute. Made with HealTechTM, composites can be repaired 400 times faster, multiple times, with an improved production quality.

Field of Expertise

CompPair first product family is called HealTechTM, 6 different reinforcements
preimpregnated with our innovative chemistry. HealTechTM can be customised to any type of reinforcement and other product families with various chemistries are in development.
Our activities include:

  • Production of prepregs and healable composites
  • Customer specific technical support for products implentations
  • R&D of further product families
  • R&D on recyclability
  • ESA BIC Switzerland support
  • MOU with Almatech SA