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"Moving around in space made simple"

Coactum aims to make space mobility simple by providing simple, safe and fast services of in-space transportation. Our scheduled orbital circuits will ease the access of small satellites to high Earth orbits and beyond - making it affordable.

By applying our proprietary high-thrust propulsion technologies, we aim to radically increase the safety and reduce the cost of inspace transportation, allowing fast access to orbits which are otherwise expensive to reach for any size of small satellites. For example, reaching Moon orbits independently in just 4 days!

We envision a future when moving around in space is as safe, agile, low-cost as doing it on Earth.

Field of Expertise
  • In-space propulsion
  • Satellite design and integration
  • Satellite operation
  • In-space transportation service provider
  • In-space transportation services
  • Orbital transfer vehicle
  • High-thrust in-space propulsion
  • Expand the applicability of small satellites
  • Scheduled circuits to reach varied LEO orbits
  • Deploy any size of small satellite
  • Impulsive maneuvers
  • 4 days from GTO to the Moon