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Art of Technology

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"We make your electronics work."

Art of Technology is a contract engineering company specialising in the design, development and miniaturisation of complex electronic devices and embedded systems (hardware and software) for medical devices, intelligent implants, data communication, space applications and other extreme environments where exceptional reliability is required.

We can develop devices that might not have been possible with conventional technologies only a few years ago. Increased reliability, reduced consumption, optimised thermal management and cost reductions at system level being some of the advantages resulting directly from this approach.

Field of Expertise
  • System miniaturisation & cost optimisation
  • Low power electronics & power management
  • Cryptography & security electronics
  • Analogue & digital electronics
  • Concept & technology studies
  • Design reviews & troubleshooting services
  • Design & development (hardware & software)
  • Prototype production & industrialisation
  • Documentation support
  • Support for start-ups & universities
  • STIX Instrument (on Solar Orbiter) Detector Electronics Module (DEM),
    High Voltage Electronics (HVE), Back-End Electronics (BEE)
  • POLAR (on Tiangong-2) Low Voltage Power Supply (LVPS) High Voltage Power Supply (HVPS)
  • 3D-MID3Space (ARTES 5.1) Characterisation of 3D-MID technology for future space applications
  • ESA BIC Switzerland