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Almatech is a privately-held Swiss SME specialized in the design, engineering and MAIT of ultra-stable structures, high-precision mechanisms and thermo-optical hardware for the European space market.

Since its inception in 2009, Almatech contributed to multiple ESA missions such
as PREMIER, Bepi Colombo, Solar Orbiter, Sentinel-5, CHEOPS, Exomars 2020 and Metop-SG including numerous successful hardware deliveries.

Almatech engineering competencies range from inventive concept definition through topnotch structural and thermal analyses to the final delivery of fully-tested flight hardware.

Field of Expertise
  • Structural and thermal analysis
  • High-precision mechanisms
  • Compliant systems
  • Lightweight Structures
  • Ultra-stable CFRP Structures
  • Exotic materials and processes
  • Multi-layer insulation (MLI)
  • Thermo-optical coatings
  • FLEX Calibration Unit
  • SVOM MXT Instrument Structure
  • CHEOPS Telescope Optical Structure
  • Sentinel-5 instrument Structure and Radiators
  • Solar Orbiter Slit Change
  • Mechanism (SCM) of the SPICE instrument
  • Solar Orbiter Attenuator Mechanism (ATM) of the STIX instrument
  • Exomars 2020 Carrier Module MLI and its support structure
  • Metop-SG SAS MLI and MLI fixation
  • Etc