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your experts.

  • Volker Gass
    Volker Gass Head of Space Innovation

    Leadership of Space Innovation, strategy, education and outreach

  • Grégoire Bourban
    Grégoire Bourban Deputy Director

    Operational management, business development, consulting services to our members’ network

  • Martine Harmel
    Martine Harmel Administration and Educational Outreach

    Finances, HR, secretariat to Prof. Claude Nicollier, space educational outreach for primary and secondary levels, events, ESA-P specialist

  • Tatiana Benavides
    Tatiana Benavides IGLUNA Project Manager, Manager HUB at ETH Zurich

    International ESA_Lab@CH network, pushing innovative technologies developed by students at university level, supporting members and ETH Zurich groups to find opportunities within ESA-STAR and OSIP platforms

  • Gilles Feusier
    Gilles Feusier Science and Technology

    Science and Technology, security, education and support

  • Yannick Delessert
    Yannick Delessert Technician and Safety

    Infrastructures & facilities management, IT support, safety, outreach, virtual events streaming

  • Julien Bonnaud
    Julien Bonnaud Space Technology Advisor

    Technology low TRL (electronics, photonics, materials, metrology, cybersecuty), technology transfert from space to other sector (or other sector to space), project management and coordination, How to do business with ESA?, popularisation of Space for all (none space persons, students and children)

  • Gaetan Petit
    Gaetan Petit Space4Impact Project Manager

    Link to non-space industry & UN SDGs with the project Space4Impact and New Space startups with the Space2Earth accelerator programme

  • Eva Buchs
    Eva Buchs Communication and Events

    Social media, website management, media relations, visual content, external communications, public outreach and events coordination