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Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

Any questions related to this Call for Proposals shall be submitted to Julien Bonnaud.

  • Is it possible to submit again a proposal which was not selected in a previous call?

Yes, there is no restriction in the number of times a proposal is submitted as soon as it was not already selected or funded through another mean.

  • Is an entity registered as a foundation in Switzerland eligible as industrial partner for the MdP Call 2020?

The Call for Proposals 2020 document specifies the applicable eligibility criteria, namely that, an industrial partner is “an enterprise incorporated in Switzerland with proven development activities in the country”. Therefore, for the purposes of the Call, a foundation cannot be considered as an industrial partner.

  • Does it exists a list of Swiss entities active in the space domain?

The following webpage gives the list of Swiss actors in space:

  • Is it possible to submit more than one proposal for the MdP call?

Yes, it is possible.

  • If the industrial partner is incubated by the ESA BIC, is it possible to submit a proposal with such a company in the consortium?

Yes, it is possible.