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MdP 2016


For the fourth time, the SERI/SSO issued a Call for proposals “To foster and promote Swiss scientific and technological competences related to space activities”. At the deadline for proposals submission, on March 7th, 2016, more than 40 new activities were received, originating from all over Switzerland.

After the review process, 12 activities were selected for funding. They started officially on November 1st 2016 and will be concluded on January 31st 2018. The list of on-going projects with the partners involved (industrial and academic) can be found here below.

Title Academic Partners Industrial Partners
 Part integrity monitoring during Selective Laser Melting  Inspire AG, HES-SO Hepia  Sensima Inspection
 Miniaturized Terminal For Machine To Machine Telecommunications (xTerm)  HES-SO HEIG-VD  ELSE
 Additive Manufacturing of an SRA Rotor (AMAR)  CSEM  Ruag Space
 3-D printed microwave cavities for atomic clock applications  UniNE, EPFL-LEMA  Swissto12
 SANAG: Spaceborne Autonomous NAvigation based on GNSS  EPFL-ESPLAB  Grosso-Link
 Superlative Wideband Waveguide Imaging Spectrometer (SWWIS)  ETHZ-ONG  Micos
 Flexible Optical Solar Reflector  EMPA  APCO Technologies
 Thermo-Mechanical Virtualization of Hybrid Flax/Carbon Fiber Composite for Spacecraft Structures  ETHZ-IBK  BComp
 Software Initiated FPGA Threading (SWIFT)  EPFL-LAP  Syderal
 Multi-Sensor Application for LSWT Processing  Uni Bern  Odermatt & Brockmann
 Lightweight Ceramic Foam Composites and Novel Environmental Testing for Satellite Applications  EPFL-LRESE  De Cavis
Extension of the CORDET Framework University of Vienna P&P Software